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Just a Few Reviews.....

Awesome Comedian

I have known Longhorn for over a year and have worked with him for over nine months. He is a fabulous individual both on and off the stage. Very easy to work with, deals well with all types of audiences and the very bottom line is.......he's funny!!!! I would, NO.... I will give anyone the very highest recommendations to hire and work with "LongHorn - The Comedian".


A True Professional and Great Talent

We were looking for someone to headline our 1st Annual Fishing For Freedom Quincy, IL event in June 2011. I got on-line and found Longhorn The Comedian. Then noticed he only lived a couple hours away. Now to convince him to do our event and a price we could afford. So I picked up the phone and called his booking number. I didn't get someone else, I talked to Longhorn. I explained what our event was and before I got done, he interrupted me and said he would do it. He was great working with us to get to a price we could afford. 

Though the whole process of booking him and getting him to our event, Longhorn was a true professional. You won't find a easier guy to work with. Every time I called him and told him of this change or that change, he would say "It's no problem". He made my job a lot easier.

Now he showed up at our event about 6 hours ahead of time to checkout the venue and see what we had for him. He was funny from the moment he showed up. Now it's 8pm and he takes the stage as our headliner in front of 500 Military Men & Women. It was great. He worked the crowd and did plenty to keep them entertained.

He was so good and easy to work with, we are going to use him for many years to come. He will be back headlining our 2012 Fishing For Freedom Quincy, IL event June 2nd, 2012 in Quincy, IL


He brings a unique and witty perspective to his comedy. I think he is funny on many levels. Even after his performance, I recalled things he'd said and started laughing all over again!! I love this man. 

Just a Few People that I have been Fortunate to 

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Who Has Longhorn Shared The Stage With?

Adam Richmond, Thea Vidale,Donte, Joey Medena, Flip Schultz, Micheal Blackson,Vic Dunlop, Larry (Uncle Larry) Reeb, Scotty K, Jer-Dog, Adele Givens, Thea Vidale, Flip Schultz, Big Jay Oakerson, Paul Mooney, Tommy Davidson, Damon Wayans, Aries Spears, John Evans, Emil Frye, Jer-Dog, Micheal Coylar, James Johan, Eddie Griffin, Lester Bibbs,  Rahn Rayme, Chris Smith, Earthquake, Bruce Bruce, Shang, Hall Sparks, Eric Swartz, Matt Collins, Jessie Taylor, Darius Bradford, Arvin Mitchell, Bill Bellamy, J Deep, Vanessa Fraction, Rodney Perry, Turae, Damon Williams, Marcus Combs, Donna Murray, Kenny Howell, BoBo Lamb, Greg Warren, Tony Roberts, Michael Blackson, Nema Williams, Honest John, Martini Harris, Nick Lewis,  David Arnold, Kim Whitley, Carlton Dixon, Roy Woods, Jr., Bob Nelson, Dave Chopin, Shawn Morgan, Mo Mandel and the list goes on and on.....

Longhorn has even had the privilege of opening for David Allen Cole (and lived) and Gucci Mane.